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I am
a Belorussian-born
photographer and director,
based in Tokyo for past 2 years.
Represented by AVGVST ( avgvst.com ).

In my works I try to stretch
the definition of photography
from taking pictures of what the human eye would seeto creating images
using my toolbox full of shapes, lines, colors and lucid dreams.
In my works I enjoy playing with concepts of illusions, poisoned beauty, death, fear, and subconscious fantasies.

The only thing
I really want from you looking at my works
is to feel something. 
I want you to sense beauty and become infatuated, to experience epiphany, fell fear or even disgust.
It does not matter will it come all together or only one sensation
will happen unless it happens.

Editorials :

NYLON, King Kong Magazine, MUSE, KALTBLUT magazine, 
C-heads, PANSY magazine, Konbini, OVE magazine,
Fubiz.net, Ongaku To Hito, FLJ, WOOLY magazine,  F-cast..

Advertising / Fashion :

Beats by Dre, Casio, Apple music, Christian Louboutin, 
Shu Uemura, REVLON, Moxy hotels,
Double Standard Clothing, Choosy, M.Y.O.B NYC, KEIGA..